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Home Delivery:


If you are interested in home deliveries, please fill out the application form below... If you have applied and didn't hear back... chances are your email went into your spam box! Please message us at with name, phone, address, and email and we will get you added to our routes!

 Thank You!

**We can not deliver out of state at this time**

What is available for delivery?

*Milk, drinkable yogurt, cheese, our fresh brown eggs, our ice cream, and other items you can find in our store.

Do you deliver to my area?

*Our home delivery Range is as far north as Warren, east as Lake Milton and Minerva, and as far South as East Liverpool and Wellsville and most areas in between depending on the amount of interest in that area.

When is my delivery?

* Right now we do order's biweekly. We cover north of rt 14 one week and south of 14 the other week.

How do I know when it's my week to order?

*Order forms are sent out through email one week prior to delivery and are due by Midnight Sunday. 

Why am I not receiving order forms?

*You must apply and be accepted for home deliveries. Once accepted, then you will receive the order form. Check your spam box.  Many of times our order forms have been found in the spam box. Please contact us if you have any other questions! Thank You!

Here is the direct link for the home delivery application: 

Baker's Golden Dairy Application

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