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About the Farm...


Dairy farming goes back many generations of Baker’s. To carry on with the tradition of dairy farming, Baker’s Golden Dairy was established in 1999 by Kevin and Deb Baker.


In 2009, Kevin threw around the idea of bottling his own milk(this was a dream of his). He had many people wanting local milk but nowhere to get it. They wanted “Milk like it used to be” Non-homogenized and unpasteurized. But in the State of Ohio, you cannot sell unpasteurized milk unless you own a cow through a herd share program.


As Kevin’s kids grew up, they wanted to stay on the farm and take part. That made Kevin start thinking even harder… he had to do something to allow for his kids to come back to the farm. Especially after his daughter Kasey decided to go to OSU ATI for Dairy Management and Production.After doing much research on the “big plan,” he figured he would give it a try.





















In 2010, the ground was broke and the building was started. It wasn’t too long after that Kevin got a phone call from a friend who had found a dairy setup over in Pennsylvania for sale. He contacted the guy and we sent a semi-truck over. They unhooked the equipment and brought it home. After laying out the setup, it was put together.  We worked with the State inspectors regularly to make sure everything was approved.


After many trial runs, Baker’s Golden Dairy received their Grade A milk license on July 9th, 2011!! This was our first official day open.  We did it!!





















Today, Baker’s Golden Dairy can be found in over 55 local stores and growing more and more every year! Can't find us in a store near you? Recommend us or simply message us on here!


Currently, there are 4 generations of Baker’s working on the dairy farm today and since have expanded our line of dairy products. We added ice cream in 2016 and in 2017 we introduced our line of drinkable yogurt! At the end of 2021 we added buttermilk and started 2022 with Fromage Blanc Cheese! We are looking into adding more dairy products to come... as always, we are open to any suggestions you may have!

We also do on farm tours from April to October! In January of 2020 we installed two Lely Robots which now milk our cows! Join us for a tour and learn all about our dairy!


We would like to thank everyone who has been a huge support to us the past several years!! Getting through all the inspections was difficult but hearing how much everyone loves our milk keeps us going!!! THANK YOU!!


*Find more about our milk in the “products” section. 



left to right: Kurt,Keith,Deb,Kasey,and Kaleb Baker


Our first chocolate trial run 7/9/2011...

(Yes we do wear hairnets... it's a requirement)

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