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Visit our baby calf that is next to the store when you visit the farm! 

Interesting Facts:

  • A baby calf is able to stand within an hour after it’s born.

  • Our calves are fed milk in a bottle until they learn to drink it from a bucket which could take only a few days.

  • They stay on milk until they are about two months old and eating lots of grain then they are weaned to water, grain, and hay.

  • All cows are born with horns but are removed for safety reasons.

  • Cows are called a “ruminant” animal which means they eat their food then they regurgitate it and chew it some more after they are done eating. A healthy cow will chew their “cud” at least 50 times before re-swallowing.

  • Like we have a food pyramid of the proper servings of each food group a day, a cow also has guidelines. They have to exceed a certain amount of dry matter, protein, carbohydrates, etc. To maintain a healthy body so she can produce a lot of milk. The milk cows are fed a total mixed ration that consists of: Corn silage, Haylage, Protein supplement, hay, and High moisture Corn. How much is mixed depends on the amount they need for the day.

  • Our feed nutritionist is here weekly to look over the cows and run tests on our feed so he can make up the proper diet for our cows.

  • Only female cows will produce milk. A cow will not produce milk until she has given birth.

  • We like to see our heifers have their first calf at about 2 years old.

  • Our cows are milked on THEIR own schedule by robots!

  • On average our cows produce 7 gallons of milk each day (per cow).

  • Cows have a gestation period of 9 months.

  • A milk cow will go “dry” two months prior to having a calf. This gives her time to prepare her body for the birth.

  • The vet visits our farm every other week to do a routine check up on the cows.

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