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2017 Coloring Page

Baker’s Golden Dairy Coloring Contest


How to enter: (ages 0-12)

        -Pick up a coloring sheet here at Baker’s Golden Dairy.   

        - Take it home to color. (You can make copies if needed)

        - After they are done coloring, on the back please put the following:

                                1. Name

                                2. age

                                3. contact phone number


        -Bring it back to Baker’s Golden Dairy by Friday June 30th by 8pm.

-Or mail it to the dairy.

Milk Mustache Contest

Baker’s Golden Dairy Milk Mustache Contest

Now thru June 30th

Any age is allowed to enter!!


June is National Dairy month. So let’s see how creative you can be!! We will be holding a milk mustache contest all month. At the end we will pick a winner. The winner will receive a choice between a t-shirt a gift certificate.


Any age is allowed to enter… we will post all photos on our website. You can either drop a picture off here at the dairy or post them to our Facebook page. Any questions please contact us.


Thank you and have fun!!!


2015 milk mustache

Submitted by: Kristy Chadwick

Submitted by: Melissa Mueller

Milk Mustashe Contest 2014

Submitted by: Lindsay Frantz

Submitted by: Colette Birkheimer

Submitted by: Michelle Slates

Submitted by: Saul Triana

Submitted by: Aidan Frye

Submitted by: Marty Mesmer

Submitted by: Jessie Dmyterko

Coloring Contest 2014

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